Load-shedding buster combo


1. This is the load shedding backup pack consisting of 0ne 200ah  battery and 600w  inverter, the system can power a TV, Radio and 8 led lights for about 6-12hours, This is a system designed to make load shedding backup affordable


2.12V 200AH AGM Lead Acid and Gel Solar Battery SPECIFICATIONS 12V 200AH Terminal Type M8 Reduced cell failure due to prematurely dry out Extended cycle service life by reducing plate corrosion Gelled Thixotropic Electrolyte 10 Year service life 62 4 kg

3.Our Digital Ballast 600W is an energy-efficient quality ballast This powerful 600W Digital Ballast eliminates strobe flash prolongs the life span of the lamp reduces wastage and improves usable efficiency of power in the grow room Typically a 600W HPS Grow Light covers a footprint of 1 2×1 2m however this typically depends on the grow light reflector you choose to use The Digital Electronic Ballast 600W features Operates from 120V to 240V 50 hertz to 60 hertz High frequency output 99 9 power factor Soft start technology to extend the lifetime of bulbs Power 250w 400w and 600w lamps on the same ballast Fully converts between HPS and MH lamps Dimmable lighting control 250w 400w 600w and super lumens boost which boosts lumen output by 10 Short circuit protection ignition failure protection Overheating protection end of bulb life protection Operates both HPS and MH lamps Internal resin coating and fan cooling

What s in the package

-Digital Electronic Ballast 600W

-South African power cable

-User Manual

-200ah battery



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