AHD 4 Channel CCTV Security System with Internet 5G Viewing


AHD 4 Channel Home Recording CCTV Security System with 5G Viewing Keeping your home or business safe is an important job You deserve the best when keeping you and your family safe introducing the 4 Channel CCTV Security Kit This kit is a serious upgrade to any home or office security The 4 Channel CCTV Security Kit has an HD Digital Video recorder with multiple view ratios so your picture is clear and crisp The camera also works with your mobile device allowing LIVE view and an easy to install Plug and Play that makes setting up simple fast and reliable Whatever your area the incredible cameras can be placed indoors or outdoor are waterproof and have night vision so they can keep watch so you don t have to Get peace of mind and Buy Yours Today Features H 264 Video Compression CCTV Closed Security System Wired P2P Mobile Network Monitoring via your mobile device Support HD 1080P HDMI VGA Output LIVE View Streaming Cloud Software Installed Full AHD System

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